Yellow Ribbon
Our Mission
To publicly recognize and thank Glendorans actively serving in the five branches of the Armed Forces .
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Updated: 2/0/19
For some time now, several of the Glendora Yellow Ribbon Committee members have been unable to
participate fully in fulfilling the responsibilities of keeping the program going due to health
considerations and personal constraints.  As a result, we are looking for individuals or a group of individuals who are qualified

and willing to take over the committee responsibilities as a whole, not just certain aspects of it. To date we have been
unsuccessful in doing that

In lieu of the large banners, we are now simplifying the program by offering the yard banners that replicate the large banners instead.

This will lessen the workload required to keep up with banners, contact info, banner assessments, fund raising, etc.
since we no longer have the available manpower to do so.

We will continue the fund raising program with New Unto Others in an effort to maintain funds
that could be used by any future committee that might be formed. This has been a very difficult
decision, but we do hope that at some point, we will be able to transfer the program to a new
committee and that they will carry on the work of honoring our military with the Yellow Ribbon Banners.

We deeply appreciate the amazing support we have received in the past for the program and look
forward to possible contact information for those who might be interested in learning more about how
they might be a part of a new committee.

If you are interested in a yard banner, please click the contact link, the order form is there.

Glendora Yellow Ribbon Committee